Hi, from the Pyrenees

20200219_105904.jpgHi, everyone, just joined up. I live in France, in the foothills of the Pyrenees, close to the Spanish border, a lovely spot :slight_smile:

I am attempting to add flexibility and 24bit capability to my system, currently streaming on rubbishy HEOS, by using a Pi. Hence Volumio. I am, however, a complete beginner in this, an accidental audiophile unwise enough to choose speakers using emotion alone and since then caught up in trying to feed them at ever-higher SQ.

Pi was chosen because the with the coronavirus problem, income from my B+B has stopped and so I now need low budget audiophilia… I’m hoping to switch from TIDAL to QOBUZ for its better selection of 24bit music, hoping to download to NAS because lcoally, we keep getting network drop-outs and hoping to improve SQ by switching to coax or optical in from stored media.

A week in, and I’m completely baffled by the architecture of the Pi, the NAS and the music server. I need help!!!

bienvenue ! :wink: