Hi from Holland

So, hi!

Redcat, new user since today, hoping to find what im looking for, and the questions will come soon enough since i dont know what the hell im doing when im typing linux command lines…

What im trying to build is a mediaplayer for my car, based on Volumio of course.
Runs on

RaspberryPi 2-B
That official 7" touchscreen
Hifiberry DAC+
mausberry shutdown cuircuit

So far… nothing works :smiley:
Think next up ill start posting a question and plough through the forums!


ben er zeker van, dat je hier vindt wat je zoekt :slight_smile:

Really curious to find which mauser circuits interface you have.
I still plan to do something similar for my car, but a PI is out of the question.
I’m looking for something smaller, more like a “something” (not PI) zero device.
Something like this: http://www.cnx-software.com/2017/08/10/voltastream-zero-nxp-i-mx6ull-linux-audio-board-follows-raspberry-pi-zero-form-factor/

Keep checking the forum announcements, there might be something new coming soon.

Personally I like the RemotePi:
Also useful without remote.

(Also shipped from NL: sossolutions.nl/catalogsear … q=remotepi)

yes, but that is designed for the PI, devices I try to avoid :wink:

Welkom! :wink:

Gé, can you elaborate why you don’t want the Pi? It is because of technical limits or personal preference? :slight_smile:

I’m hearing great stories about the Pi and personally I’m quite impressed with its performance over the years. Whether it’s music or video, the Pi seems to be able to tackle both with close to no noise (for me, but my ears are untrained, so don’t take my word for it).

Just curious, not offended or something :wink:

Personal opinion/ preferences, but I just installed one with an Allo DigiOne :blush:
PI is our main platform and has a lot of DAC device support, more than others, and works!
Other than that, I find PIs sluggish when it comes to speed/ performance, just works but far from woohooo.

– Gé –