HI from france

hi all

I’ve been using volumio for a while now and really loves it !! I have two different HI FI systems:

The main one is accuphase based : A65 + c2120 with raphsodie Mulidines speakers and the only accuphase streamer in the world :slight_smile: diy made leveraging volumio.
see more here : volumlio-accuphasemio-project-t11240.html

I also got a JVC A75 turntable on this set…

the second system is in my office. it is based on some vintage Sony ES series…F707es, X55ES, S770ES and a second volumio streamer based on a 1000ES chassis…with some old but looking and sounding stilll good E70 wharefedale Speakers…

I developped some code with a friend to handle OLED displays connected to usb2serial backpack from adafruit (for x86 based platforms) to display artist, song, album and bitrate of the music being played independantly of the source (local library, web radio, qobuz, tidal etc…)

see more here : github.com/pattdepanick/vlub

working on the 2gigas limitation now…thinking of building a dedicated version without this limit…and looking at how to add a tile in the browsing page that would show the last 100 additions in the local library. there is a tile for the last 100 songs played but I’d rather have a tile for the last 100 additions to the local library. I tend to be a bit old fashionned…I listen to full albums not pieces of them I admit…

I would really love to see the stylesheet tweak to be included as a feature in volumio as well, as it currently breaks the update possibility. when trying to update to newer version of volumio, the tool checks for the system integrity and says it cannot be updated as system has been tempered…any workaround for this ?

so still a lot of things to do but it’s fun and volumio is really such a great solution and I can tell as I tested many others before !!

so keep up with such a great work and thanks to the volumio team !!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Salut, nous avons un groupe d’entraide autour de Volumio en français sur Facebook.
Volumio entraide raspberry pi

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