Hi from Albinea


I meet this site when I was searching for Michelangeloz posts in other forums, becouse I was curios to ask him about his statement (but he was not alone, Amarra says the same) on how networking in general and accessing the library on NAS in first place, could inficiate sound quality, then I’ve found him to be the founder of Volumio that is something that could almost not live without the net and some form of NAS…

Probably it was me, and I misunderstood what Michelangeloz was intending in his old posts or maybe he changed his mind, who care, thanks to him - and my mother for my curiosity - I’ve found a project that promise to be very helpfull to me.

As a long term Squeezebox enthusiast, I’m always happy to see new solutions raise up to fill the gap Logitech opened abandoning SB, very happy when using squeezelite as I’m doing since 2011.

As a music lover and an audio enthusiast (I don’t like the term audiophile, but at the end I’m one…) I regards with hope your initiative, as an IT professional I’m willing to follow you and for sure i’m going to try Volumio as an option for my next build, last but not least, as an Italian i’m very proud of you.

Well done!

Hope we could have the opportunity to share some tougths about best ways to build an ‘hi-end squeezebox replacement’ using volumio, squeezelite some sort of a SOC/NUC and a high quality DAC, that’s what i’m working on today.

With compliments, Marco.