Hi and Thanks from Paris !

just to say many thanks for this beautiful project to all contributors,

I’m not quite in yet, I was actually in a quest for both simple and qualitative way to play music from my NAS, guess I’ve landed on the right place !

I’m switching from a ArchlinuxArm (goflex net) with mpd , and I want to go on a more both easy and flexible solution,

before choosing my next device , need some little pieces of advice:

  • raspberry + hifi berry since the legacy choice, but cubox-i would be great also, as I already have an external DAC (VDACII). I am afraid though that volumio would be less often updated than on raspberry (right now, I see that 1.5 is supported only on raspberry), will it be the case ? Any other consideration to take into account ?

  • I have a beautifull bluetooth speaker (gramovox) that I’d need to output too, will it be easy to setup ? to switch audio periphal ? I know that sometimes, outputting on bluetooth can be a pain on linux systems …

  • I’d love to test it before going and buy an other applicance : is it somehow possible to run an image on my macosx, or is it complicated/impossible ?

  • how will be my nas connected, is it nfs or afp, or … ?

  • I see mention of "third party clients’ , but can see any references to them, can you point me at them ? any ipad app available ? (mpad for mpd was great , I’d love to keep the same ease of use)

Thanks for you help guys :slight_smile: and see you soon onboard

  • Arno

volumio 1.5 will be released for all supported devices

Bluetooth is not supported

you can use every app that supports airplay or upnp or mpd

Thanks joda2 for the feedback,

Well, too bad for me, but I can’t give up using my bluetooth gramovox,

so I’ll step aside for now, stick with archlinux+mpd (I managed to use bluetooth with it), and follow up volumio future developments !

I 'm really convinced volumio can be the best music system ever made

  • Arno