Help with USB Fiio E10K DAC

Hi there, i’m new and i’ve installed volumio v2.853 and can’t find USB in Output Device (appear only Headphones and HDMI).
I’d like to connect the Fiio E10K Dac but can’t selcet USB device.
Can u help me please?

Which computer: Raspberry pi or PC?
Is the dac connected to the computer before the computer is powered? It is possible that the DAC is only recognised at power up?

Ops sorry! i’ve a raspebrry Pi 2 and the DAC is connected before power up!

Posted Image

Sorry I had to ask the simple questions :slight_smile:

I’m afraid I haven’t much to offer here except to show what happens when it does work. Here’s what I see when I connect a Topping D90 to a RPI4 running V2.834. Volumio seemed to find the DAC automatically when I first installed an earlier revision of Volumio which I now update occasionally. Volumio takes the (mains powered) DAC out of standby when Volumio is enabled
Is it possible that the Volumio cannot see your DAC?

The Fiio E10K DAC hasen’t an external power but i see the light on when connected to Rpi with USB.
Is it possible that the Volumio cannot see your DAC? YES but I see that the Fiio E10K DAC is supported by VOLUMIO!

You may have tried some of these possibilities:

  1. A different USB lead
  2. Is there another USB socket on the Raspberry pi which you could try?
  3. Does the DAC work when connected to a PC?

OMG! Try a different USB lead and it’s work!! Thanks friend :slight_smile:

Great news! You can enjoy the weekend now!