Help with Snapcast plugin

Volumio Information

Volumio Version: volumio-2.917-2021-10-06-pi
Hardware: RPI 4 model B 4GB ram
DAC: HiFiBerry Amp

I used a fresh install of volumio-2.917-2021-10-06-pi on my RPI Model 4 B 4GB ram with a Innomaker HiFi Amp (hifiberry amp clone).

I configured Snapcast as outlined in the wiki for cast and use client locally for local play.

When I use Spotify, all is well and I get normal sound output from the amp. When I try webradio, it says it’s playing, but no sound at all.

Basically, I can’t get web radio to play since I put in Snapcast, but Spotify works well.
EDIT - I got sound back by turning on ALSA in my mpd.conf file. I do not think this is the way the install is meant to work. As I understand it, Snapcast should receive the FIFO stream locally and play it. that doesn’t seem to work for me with the web radio stations. - Spotify seems like it works correctly.

The log is lengthy, and I’m new to this forum, so I’ll post the whole thing if needed, here’s a part:

info: CoreCommandRouter::volumioGetState
info: Listing playlists
info: Listing playlists
info: CoreCommandRouter::volumioReplaceandPlayItems
info: CoreStateMachine::ClearQueue
info: CoreStateMachine::stop
info: CoreStateMachine::setConsumeUpdateService undefined

info: CoreStateMachine::stPlaybackTimer
info: CoreStateMachine::updateTrackBlock
info: CorePlayQueue::getTrackBlock
info: CoreStateMachine::pushState
info: CorePlayQueue::getTrack 0
info: CoreCommandRouter::volumioPushState
info: CoreCommandRouter::executeOnPlugin: volumiodiscovery , saveDeviceInfo
info: CoreStateMachine::serviceStop
info: CorePlayQueue::getTrack 0
info: CoreCommandRouter::serviceStop
info: [1635538326026] ControllerWebradio::stop

info: CorePlayQueue::clearPlayQueue
info: CorePlayQueue::saveQueue
info: CoreCommandRouter::volumioPushState
info: CoreCommandRouter::executeOnPlugin: volumiodiscovery , saveDeviceInfo
info: CoreCommandRouter::volumioPushQueue
info: CoreStateMachine::addQueueItems
info: CorePlayQueue::addQueueItems
info: Adding Item to queue:
info: CoreCommandRouter::executeOnPlugin: webradio , explodeUri
---------------------------- MPD announces state update: player
info: sendMpdCommand stop took 20 milliseconds
info: ControllerMpd::getState

Any help is welcome