Help with selecting pc platform for a music streamer

I am reading up on the implementation of volumio. I used to run it off rpi, but at this point, I would like to explore option of how to:
Run DSD natively

I have been thinking of using micro pc for this but is there any other option available which would handle DSD files?

Thank you

this mini pc is good choice for music server. Fanless, with Bluetooth and WiFi, dual 1g lan port. Type C and optical audio out put.

Thanks. Looking good. Is there any chance you can share model name or a link ?

What do you plan on using as the server os to serve these files? Something like freenas?

It is made in China. are you sure you really need one? Though its fanless mini pc that I tried with Volumio x86 OS. If you want a music server and NAS device(with SAMBA), this one will be good choice. Anyway, its optical out put is better that 3.5mm jack AUX.

Well i am planning to run spotify however would need usb hook up to dac for a more critical listening experience.
I do not know if I need to go fanless pc way or lets say rpi 4 would be enough to use it without any issue.

A fanless MINI PC is better than rpi4.

It depends on how you set-up the system.
Here is an option: Roon server ( x86 intel nuc mini pc with ROCK img) + volumio as ROON bridge.

Be careful, some mini pc output very terrible noise from USB port, turn your amplifier to max volume and you will hear the electric noise.