Help with cablefree VoiceChat/Headset

Hello everyone, i would need your help.

The challenge is as follows: I have Audio In/Chat out from a 3.5 mm TRRS (stereo-plus-mic) connector (standard Smartphone headset cable) And i want to use this with my Arctic Steelseries 7 wireless headset to hear audio and voicechat. I would prefer to have a small splitter/mixer/thingy (what is the correct term here?) to connect the usb dongle of the headset and the TRRS audio jack. I have no PC in that room.

Questions: Is there an easy solution? Is there a small splitter/mixer/thingy that does not use a lot of power or a display to handle this? Would this be feasable through a cheap tablet?

Bonus questions: If you have as a plug a 3.5 mm TRRS (stereo-plus-mic) connector and would want to do use it completely wireless. How would you go about this? (just forget the steelseries headset and suggest a better solution please)

Thanks everyone in advance.[size=1] Mobdro

All the best[/size]