Help with 5" screen

IMG_0142.jpgSo, everything installed and functioning semi easily. Small glitches in the software that I can live with so far. Here is my question. I installed a resistive touch 5" screen to the front of my box. It hooks up via hdmi and usb for power. Purchased from adafruit. After adding the code supplied from adafruit and made the adjustments for 800 x 480 in the user config text. I get this. I noticed it is not as detailed as the web interface of my Mac. I cannot got to certain pages cause the buttons don’t show up. Do I need to ssh (which I m only slightly competent with) to make the necessary changes? I did install the plugin from the admin page as well. Is this my problem? competing commands?
OR is this it and I live with it? I was hoping to have an interface similar to the web so I don’t need to open my laptop when creating Q or removing songs. etc. Any suggestions?

So I found out today the only thing to effect the screen is the plugin. I need some SSH advice on how to change the plugin from a 7" to 5". Detailed instructions would be appreciated. My ssh ability is limited, NUBI.

What buttons are not showing up?
Do you think the UI is displayed incompletely?
If I spot it correctly you are using the new UI. You can change the User Interface Layout Design on the appearance page. Did you already try switching the UI to the classic version?

In case you refer to the touch display plugin: It has nothing to do with how the UI is displayed. So there will be nothing to be modified in the plugins code in order to adjust from 7" to 5" screen size.

Yep, that was it. Moving back to classic gave me all the controls I wanted.
Thanks, I’m a happy puppy. Still learning.

:smiley: Thanks for your feedback!

Dadrepus — have a question for you.

“When you added the Adafruit Code to the config.txt file, at what stage did you add the required code?”

Immediately after writing the Volumio Version to the Micro SD Card or after booting up the RPi/DAC Combo, during which it expands the Volumio Load??

Please let me know.

Never mind.

I worked my question out myself and got the Touchscreen Display and the latest volumio working!!