Help Trying to set up touch screen

Hey all,
im a complete noob to raspberry pi and im following these instructions 101-direct-volumio-gui-raspberry-lcd-touchscreen-t3464.html to set up volumio so it will work direct with a touch screen. but i have the problem of when i install the drivers for my waveshare 5" touch screen i get this error on boot up . any help is much appreciated . and any more info needed let me know.



Did you downloaded the manafactureres drivers and run “LCD5-show” as their instructions?

If so then it will have an incorrect entry in the /boot/cmdline.txt file telling the Pi where to find the / file system. This is easily fixed by popping the SD card in your Windows PC; opening the card in explorer and opening the cmdline.txt file you see in notepad. You should see 1 long line of text, ensure notepad has the word wrap option turned off so it stays as 1 long line and then change:




Save the file, eject the SD card and put it back in the Pi.

Hey presto it should boot up again :smiley:


Forgot to say to prevent it happening again

Change to the LCD-show directory and using the nano editor do the same to the cmdline.txt file you find.

sudo nano cmdline.txt

change the text just like previous post

Ctrl x y <enter>

All done, next time you run LCD5-show it shouldn’t happen :smiley: