Help installing plugin from zip

Please post the complete output of ls -al for the folder containing the files extracted from the zip file you have downloaded.

Meanwhile a shot in the dark: Check if there is a zip file in the folder into which the downloaded zip file has been extracted. It should not be there and I guess it would let fail “volumio plugin install”.

Another shot in the dark: According to this running npm i in the plugin directory before installing the plugin might help.

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@gvolt - Not really a shot in the dark - your plugin is missing the npm packages - you will need the run npm install in your or pre package them into the zip file for install via the command line tool. Also - volumio plugin package does this for you already.


Thanks for the hint! :blush:

On my GitHub repo I had removed the zip file some time ago as I had the impression (actually I think I read it somewhere here on the forum, but can’t remember reliably…) that we were discouraged to publish pre packaged zip files - maybe I misunderstood or had a memory failure on my side :wink:

I have already created a pull request for the plugin ( a long time ago, but approval is still pending…

Hi balbuze

I’m new to volumio and pi, but have just set up a pi with digione and volumio to send to my rega dac-r. I’d like to add the volparametriceq you created, but really don’t understand how to do it. Do I unzip the zip file and add the contents to the sd card? Is there then an option to select volumio plugin install in the volumio app, or am I needing to run that somewhere else?


Instructions are here…

Thanks for that Lalashok. I have enabled ssh and tried to obtain the zip to install the plugin with the details, but an error comes up when trying to connect to github:

volumio@volumio:~$ wget lugins/audio_interface/volparametriceq/
converted ‘https:/githubcom/balbueze/volumio-plugins/raw/master/plugins/audio_ interface/volparametriceq/’ (ANSI_X3.4-1968) -> ‘https:/gith ubcom/balbueze/volumio-plugins/raw/master/plugins/audio_interface/volparametric eq/’ (UTF-8)
–2021-01-02 16:42:40-- https:/ plugins/audio_interface/volparametriceq/
Resolving github (github)…
Connecting to github (github)||:443… connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response… 404 Not Found
2021-01-02 16:42:40 ERROR 404: Not Found.

Had to delete the / and . off the github address as i’m a new user and only allowed 2 links, but left the full address on the first bit to show what i had entered

copy past instruction from the repo. With no typo it should be better :wink:

Hi balbueze

I typed the following as per the instruction that gave me that error in connecting to github.


Im assuming the above is correct with no typo and it won’t let me copy and paste onto the putty command page. Am I missing something here :man_shrugging:t3::laughing:


Your url is wrong - try copy pasting it directly into a browser - you get a 404 error. (as you see in your last attempt)

The correct url is balbuze not balbueze

:man_facepalming:t2: sorry for unintentionally renaming you balbuze :rofl:

Thanks for your help guys. Got there in the end lol

For future reference, in most terminals (Putty included) - you can hit right-click on your mouse to paste stuff in. If you are on Win10, you don’t need Putty any longer, and it (finally!) includes a native ssh client. Try searching for it :wink:

That’s great! Thanks for the advice :raised_hands:t3::grinning: