Hello from the Midwest

Hello everyone,

Just joined the Community to assist another question, while Raspberry Pi 2 and Volumio is sending great music to my JBL Charge speakers - what a great combination I must say.

Anyway, I have good experience with Volumio so far. I’m waiting for the Brits to send my JustBoom DAC Hat. We’ll see if it gets even better.

I enjoy music more so than movies; so mostly jazz and pop fill my usb card.

Best regards,

Hi Midwest Samebeef,
is your Pi2 sending to JBL Charge via bluetooth or is your Pi2 connected to your a/v receiver which then pushes to your JBL Charge via bluetooth?

I’d like to have my Pi4 push directly to a bluetooth speaker (JBL or similar) but this doesn’t seem possible.

Craig (Formerly Midwest (Chicago, Naperville, Milwaukee) guy currently in Knoxville, TN)