Hello from Rotterdam, The Netherlands


New Volumio Primo Hi-Fi Edition user here and loving it thus far :+1:

Before the Primo I used to stream via Spotify connect directly to my av receiver, but wanting a better audio quality (good lossey or lossless) I found the Primo and also added a integrated amp to connect to directly, this in combination with upgraded the streaming service to Qobuz.

The result is :+1:

Greetz from Holland,

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Hi Sander, welcome along to Volumio & it’s community. :slight_smile:

Glad you’re enjoying the experience so far.

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Glad your joining us and not watching the ESC :grinning:

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lol, that is not my cup of tea :grimacing:


Indeed, it should be banned.

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…and regarding to the ESC, in Germany some people say:
“Der Mensch braucht Schlager!”
(~ “People need pop songs!”)
Have fun and take care,

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Dat is dan weer niet netjes. Een schlager vertalen als pop song… :rofl:

ok…I’ve found no translation in English. I should have know that I guy from Rotterdam can handle “Schlager”. No matter he likes it or not.
I confess that in some rare moods I am able to listen to Schlager and even whip my feet.
Anyway…have a good time and greetings from Dusseldorf,