Hello from France

Hello i ma using a Rpi2 with this DAC from audiophonics audiophonics.fr/fr/dac-diy/a … 10176.html
First i am wondering wich i2s DAC i have to choose
Second i have a preemium spotify account and i have properly configured volumio2. When i try to play music from spotify the timeline progresses but nothing Is coming out from the speakers. I have no problem with the music stored in my NAS, and i had no problem with the previous version of volumio. I use the english version of volumio2
Maybe someone can help me.

Try to reboot and see if that helps (also use hifiberry dac option, not +)

Hi michelangelo
I am very honored by your answer. I have rebooted my Pi several time but with the same result: no sound but the time Line is progressing normaly. I have changed from generic i2s DAC to hifibery DAC but nothing has changed. :frowning:

Sorry to hear that. This is due to software mixer…

Do this:

1- select the proper DAC choice for your DAC (I think it should be hifiberry)
2- reboot
3- if you can’t hear any sound, go back to playback settings and click on save again on the first section (the one where you selected hifiberry)
4- Now you should hear sound

let me know

Hi Michelangelo
I will try and let you know asap

Hi michelangelo
I have set the DAC as you mention and reboot twice the dac. But nothing change…
After few tests I think that I have found the problem. I was using in playback option/volume options the software mixer type. It is very usefull to choose the correct volume directly from my smartphone. In this case no sound is coming from Spotify, I have absolutly no problem with the music coming from my NAS.
If I change the mixer type to ´none then the sound is ok coming from any source.
So I have the choice between Spotify and software volume adjustment :imp: , It is a pity :confused: … please help :cry: