Hello from Cambridge, England

Hello All
Wanted to register so that I can say a huge ‘thank you’ to the team behind Volumio.
I’ve tried multiple times over the years to get a reliable home audio system working and, indeed, Volumio was in the frame a year or two ago. But these systems were never quite ‘there’. For me, the acid test is not whether I, an enthusiast, can get the system to do what I want, but whether my family can join in the fun without me having to act as IT support.
Latest Volumio does just that.
Having just got my fifteen-quid I2S DAC running at the weekend, I was pleased to see (hear!) that my wife had switched the ‘radio’ on in the kitchen without asking for help. Then she chose a recently downloaded piece of piano music that my daughter is learning … and there it was, playing in the kitchen … without anyone having to reboot servers or switch Raspberry Pis off-and-on or mess about with anything. (Oh yes, and I2S DAC output … so much better than USB DAC.)
So, again, Volumio team, thank you![

Hi Steve,

Awesome tribute, welcome on the forum!