hello form Rome

Hello my name is alessandro from rome Italy and music is one of my favourite hobby.
I like 70s music (pink floyd – led zeppelin – bowie – who – beatels – rolling stones ecc …) but i listen also 80s 90s jazz and blues.
My main hifi is : Turntable rega rp6 ; amplifier Mastersound Compact 845; speakers Stirling Broadcast ls3/5a v2 + Ab2; digital source Linn Akurate ds; music server Qnat TS451 with minim server and more than 800 cd ripped in flac.

My second hi fi is Source project cd ds ; amplifier Unison research special 25; Speakers kef ls50; subwoofer velodyne dd+10.
Now I want to add a digital source to my second hifi that is compatible with the linn Kazoo app so i have bought an audiophonics RaspDAC I-Sabre ES9028Q2M - Streamer Raspberry Pi 3 & DAC but I am still struggeling with volumio 2 plugins.

Happy to be in this forum

Hi Alessandro, welcome!
Quick note: installing the DAC based on the Sabre would not be an easy task. We do not include the drivers because they are not compatible with the licenses (GPL, open source) of the Kernel.