Have to re-login to Tidal Connect via Volumio everyday!

After updating to the latest version of Volumio (3.233), I now find that I have to re-log into Tidal Connect in Volumio every morning. I get the following “Error No results” in a red box when attempting to go to a track, artist, album, etc. I am running a Rpi4 with a HifiBerry DAC HD using a iP12 Pro Max.

Does anyone ever get responses to issues submitted here? This is my second one submitted and I am batting zero! I think I need to start looking for another solution.

yes, they do, but we community users don’t have all the answers, as we are just users. If you have a paid subscription you’re entitled to request official support through Volumio. You mentioning Tidal connect but I expect you mean the Tidal integration, as connect doesn’t require you to login. You already did that part on your streaming device.