Handling Playlists

Version 2.834


I use Volumio on my Raspberry Pi more than 1 year now. This software works great except there is one repeating issue for me and that is the playlist functionality that is very sensitive for items in the Playlist that gets corrupted. The following problems arise:
If the corrupted item is in the beginning of the playlist then the playlist play function of the list will not work. You have to open the playlist and choose the song items separately that you want to play. This is not what I want.
I cannot remove the corrupted item from the Playlist: IT DOES NOT WORK
I cannot add the playlist to the queue: IT DOES NOT WORK …

Normally if a Playlist contains corrupted items I will add the Playlist to the queue. From the queue I can delete items and save to new playlist. But that only works if you are able to add the Playlist to the queue.

Everytime when I create a new Playlist, because the original gets corrupted, after a while the corruption comes again.

I would be very nice if the Playlist functionality gets support to be able to manually remove items with function “Remove from Playlist” even if the song item is corrupt.

In the Playlist I add items from Music Library, Spotify (Spotify plugin for Volumio2 version 2.0.2) and Qobuz.

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Nothing happens here. Just installed newest version, it is even worse…

Support for building playlist from mixed streaming sources works bad in Volumio.

Even worse, there is no support at all.