Had it all working......

With alot of help from this forum and way too many hours I got my RPi B to work with Volumio and the Wolfson card.

Then last weekend the wireless router went out so I replaced it.

I re-flashed the card with M3M3’s 1.4 image - referenced the new kernel in the config.txt file, set the playback to line out and also tried to headset - set the mixer to software and I cant get anything to play.

I thought maybe I could post the output of the dmesg file but its been a while and I forgot how to do that.

Could someone walk me through how to post that onto this forum? I really thought I had it figured out - frustrated.

Thanks in advance for any help.


Ok I am going to return the card and get a new one…

You need to login to the Raspi. Can do that using SSH (from your main machine), or boot the Raspi with a TV or monitor connected to the HDMI connector, and login on the Raspi itself. You’ll also need a keyboard and maybe a mouse connected to the Raspi in that scenario.

I think last time you copied the ‘dmesg’ output to the USB stick to get it off the Raspi (‘sudo cp myoutput.txt /mnt/USB’).

Bear in mind that a new card might be a ‘B+’ card, the latest, which currently doesn’t work with M3M3’s image. Unless you specifically request a ‘B’ card (and they are still selling them).

Hi Tyres

Thanks - I meant to say that I am returning the Wolfson Card. Should have the new one by Monday.

Hopefully that will do it.

Thanks again for all the help.