[Guide] Update MPD

dakku wrote this here: https://volumio.org/forum/tutorial-update-mpd-version-t642.html (thx for the tutorial :wink: )

You can also use this Tutorial to upgrade MPD to 0.19.1 (change 0.18.9 to 0.19.1)

on a fresh install, need ton install packages libboost-dev and libicu-dev othrwise it fails

Rasberry Pi2 and HifiBerry DAC+

I have updated mpd (and the rest of the distro) via the standard tooling apt-get method
to “Music Player Daemon 0.19.1”.
Strangely enough the new amixer does not respond anymore to mixer_control “Playback Digital”.

Unfortunately the WEBGui of volumio 1.55 sets mixer_control to this particular value
in the config file of mpd each time a restart of mpd is needed.

One temporary solution is to manually edit the corresponding line in /etc/mpd.conf to read:
mixer_control “Digital”
in order to reenable hardware volume control again.

May be somebody knows where the WebGUI gets the string “Playback Digital” from?