[GUIDE] Corrupted files and incomplete library scan (how to locate corrupted files)

I know that several topics have already been opened here and there about the corrupt database problem that prevents a correct and complete scan of the library, but here I would like to suggest a way to locate the corrupt files.
It is not a fast way (especially if you have a very large library and a slow PC), but it is effective and certainly faster than looking for such files manually.


How to:

  • After installing the plugin, simply upload (as a playlist) your entire music library to Foobar (File → Add folder → select the “parent” folder of your music collection);
  • then select a certain number of albums you want to analyze (if you don’t have a fast PC, I don’t recommend selecting all of them but instead proceed with a reasonable number of albums at a time).
  • Once the albums are selected, right-click on a random part of the selection and choose “Utilities → Verify Integrity”, as in the following image:

At the end of the process, you will be shown a report with the results. Here it’s easy to identify the corrupted files that have to be deleted:

Unfortunately, these cases of file corruption are very frequent (or, at least, it often happens to me) and I think this solution can be helpful.