Greetings from Sweden!

Hi (“Hej” in Swedish)!
I am ArtmanH. I am Volumio:ner since at least two years. I am a great music fan (mainly indie, industrial, punk reggae). I have a fair library on a NAS. I use two RPI 2 - one for the kitchen [connected to a Marshall speaker] and one for the living room [connected to an Onkyo amp). As a christmasgift my son bought me a HiFiBerry+ for the living room (which gave it a mucher richer and sharper sound).
I really enjoy Volumio 2; better GUI and lots of good features. I want to thank all developers for the incredible work they have put into the devlopments.
I choose Volumio as my standard player as I first of all think it is fun to play around with RPI, second that it will contiously improve as the community suggest new features and the developers find it interesting, third it is cheaper and more costumisable than off the shelves products.
I use either the standard WebGUI or MPDroid (double app). For some reason MPDroid is much better to search the library (the WGUI misses a lot of tagging).

For Swedish readers interested in indie, industrial, punk etc I have an musicblogg… Welcome!

All the best