Greetings from San Diego

I was looking for a DAC to listen to my music on my PC through my receiver. OPtions were Audioengine and Dragonfly. Then I came across Volumio while searching through projects for Raspberry Pi. I thought I’d give it a shot, i.e. buy the Pi and the DAC and install Volumio.
Building things from scratch is much more fun than buying the end product.
With the help of the forum I was able to install and run Volumio on my Pi 3 today.
Next step is to get my Apple lossless collection to stream through the Pi.

Welcome to Volumio & the forums, berol65. Can you bring some of your sunshine too: miserable here in the UK :frowning:

I feel you pain :slight_smile:
But, you can watch great football in the UK. That’s one thing I miss here.

Welcome aboard bud! You’re absolutely right, building it yourself is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more fun :wink: