Greetings from Dresden, Germany

Hi everyone here in this forum!
I live in Dresden, Saxony in the south east of Germany.

I have the plan to build a media player with volumio out of a Raspberry Pi (rev. 1), a dac from Sellarzaudio
DAC-24192-ULN and a case of an old Sony DVD player with the power supply suggested by Jarret here in this forum.
This will be combined with a NAD C320 amplifier and Jamo Classic 4 loudspeakers.

I hope that I will realize this project within the next 2 month.

Hi, i just want to tell you that the best dac on raspberry pi is hifiberry and connect it to i2s. You won’t have any problems with playback of high resolution files. I used a PCM5102A dac similar to hifiberry and it works great … 971214466/

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Hi birca1987,
You mean, that it would be better for me to use this two components:

DAC with PCM5102A

Power Supply

If you can recommend these two items, I will change my mind and order them instead of the one from Sellarzaudio.
Please let me know, what you think!

Will be better to order hifiberry dac from if you have the raspberry pi rev 2 with i2s on it and the ultra low noise regulator.

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I have the pi rev 1 and was happy that I can use it as you described in the dac section of the forum. Or is it better to order a new pi, tool?

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Then the PCM5102 dac from diyinhk is for you, but you have to be good at soldering

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Ok, Thanks! I will do my best!

Hi where did you get the nice housing ?
Am german too and would like to get it for my devices.
Best regards from Wolfsburg

Hi kali1705!
My case is an old Sony DVD Player, but this is too thin for my needs. So I’m looking for an old cassette player deck, maybe I get it at Ebay or Ebay Kleinanzeigen.
But the case shown by birca1987 you can find e.g at or or There are lots of cases available.

Hi tiger23573,

can you tell us how you realized your project? Maybe you have some pictures too?

I have also plans to use my RPi with an DAC as AirPlay source for my Luxman L-31 amplifier.

Thank you in advance.

BTW … Viele Grüße aus der Neustadt!

Hi tomcek!
No, there are no photos yet, because all is in planning stadium. Some components are missing at the moment. But I will make a gallery at, then you can see some details.
Please be patient, I do my best!