"go to folder" option

i’ve been using volumio 2 since a while and i’m really happy with it.
could be even more happy with some small modifications.

i like to buy mp3 from beatport.com. mostly only a couple of tracks of 1 album. i like to sort the files later by myself in to the right folder. when listening i cant go easily to the folder with this music. i can only choose to go to the Album of Artist. This isn’t very useful for me.

is it possible to add a extra option to open the folder of the track? something like this:
go to folder.png

when searching for a track it would be great to be able to go to folder as well. like this:
go to folder2.png

photoshopped with paint :smiley:

for so far great project. 2 volumio’s active right now. next step is to test the snapcast function to get real multi room audio. :smiley:


at least i’m not alone :mrgreen:

i think it should be only a minor modification. but the outcome of it is major for me. if someone can explain which files i have to edit maybe i can give it a try myself. i’m also wiling to give a donation just for this feature