Go to artist/album works wrong when playing from other device using Tidal Connect


Volumio Information

Volumio Version: 3.378
Hardware: any
DAC: any

Debug Log

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Start playing any song from local library (in my case Dire Straits - Heavy Fuel)

  1. Open Tidal on smartphone, play any other song/band and choose target device as Volumio → Volumio UI will show this song (in my case God Is An Astronaut band)

  1. Open dropdown menu and choose Go to Artist

  1. BUG: Volumio opened Dire Straits page

  1. Open dropdown menu and choose Go to Album

  1. BUG: Volumio opened Dire Straits album

Additional Information

Hi Not sure if this will be considered as a bug.
You’re using tidal connect, so there is only info available on the current played song. As this has been pushed from Tidal. For Volumio this is nothing more as a piece of text.
If you use Tidal as integration within Volumio, it will extract the proper information

Anyways current behavior is wrong, because Go to Artist/albums actually shows wrong artist/albums, not the one currently playing and showing in the UI, which is confusing for end user. In this case if it is impossible to correctly determine artist/album (or in case when Tidal Connect is playing) those items should be disabled in the dropdown menu.