Generic I2S DAC for Tinker board


For a Raspberry Pi3 and etc, if an I2S DAC was chosen under general play back options, you would find the pull down menu actually includes “Generic I2S DAC” selection among many HAT I2S DAC. Now that I am using a Tinker board, I found this “Generic I2S DAC” feature is not included in the I2S DAC selection anymore.

Previously with a Raspberry Pi, this Generic I2S DAC option would allow me to get LRCK, BCK and DATA signals from GPIO19, GPIO18 and GPIO40 and feed them to an outboard I2S DAC but with a Tinker Board, I am not able to do this anymore with any of the I2S DAC’s included in the pull down menu.

Is there any way to extract LRCK, BCK and DATA signals from a Tinker Board+Volumio? Or is it a Raspberry Pi+Volumio specific feature? Thank you!