geekworm x820 sata addaptor?

Hey guys,

I have my Volumio all set up, running on a R-pi3 connected via USB to a Schiit Audio Modi2 DAC and it is working great. I have one question though…I wanted a completely stand alone media player for at work, so I purchased a GeekWorm x820 sata board and have a known good working sata drive attached. BUT when I connect to the media player I see 3 shared folders that are all the same size and appear to be the same folder (USB, NAS, and internal storage) All three are what I’m guessing are 32gb formatted to 29.x gb…

I am a complete linux/dabien newbie but work in the corporate computer industry (Windows PCs and Servers) so I am able to do and figure out things, but I am not sure what I would need to do to get this drive to work.

Has anyone used this setup or have any ideas/thoughts/suggestions?

Following… Did you ever get it to work correctly? , I was checking into this setup.