Gary from New Zealand

Hi all,
I’ve just set-up a Raspberry Pi 3, plugged into my gigabit wired network, and USB connected to a Matrix Audio Mini-i Pro DAC.
I have yet to set up my NAS with all my music, so am limited to playing Spotify Premium, You Tube, Web Radio and AirPlay streaming.

All in all, it’s sounding great so far!! :smiley:
Am really looking forward to putting it through its paces in the days to come.

Once I’ve got my NAS up and running, will add in my MiniDSP Dirac speaker and room correction processor.

One thing I noticed.
I tried the Upsampling option (Upsample to 88.2khz / 24 bit / Very high quality algorithm).
The upsampling worked correctly for YouTube music, but not for Spotify or AirPlay.
Any thoughts?

Anyway, GREAT product,

Hi Gary,

Welcome aboard, I trust you will find your answers here.