Gapless Please

Hi folks
I’m new to Volumio just started working on setting it up today.

So far I’m quite impressed.

My only complaint is with gapless playback. Am I missing a setting? Some albums demand gapless such as dark side of the moon and abbey road. However Spotify via Volumio puts a very minor pause between each track - which ruins the enjoyment of the play back.

I look forward to any advice from this community.

Kind regards.

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Gapless playback is not supported on spotfy unfortunately and I fear it never will, sorry

What about Tidal gapless playback? I’m using MyVolumio on RPi 4 and Topping E30 USB DAC.
Tidal Connect works very good on this combination, but I can’t make it to work gaplessly. For example, I played a mix that Tidal suggested for me today, and there was a gap after every song.
Have I missed some settings in Tidal or in Volumio?