Gapless playback from Spotify

I’ve been getting conflicting messages reading online, but at the core my question is this: With volumio setup on a raspberry pi, if I were to use spotify connect from my phone to play spotify on that device, will it play gapless or not?

When I do this with my google chromecast audio, it does not play gapless
When I do this with my BlueSound Node 2i it DOES play gapless (its beautiful)
When I play spotify locally on my phone or computer it does play gapless

I’m curious before I go to the effort of buying a raspberry pi, and flashing it with volumio, and hooking it up to an external dac, if it will play spotify gapless or not.

Gapless is here ( - expect a new release of the Spotify Connect plugin in a few days/weeks with the feature :slight_smile:

YAY! :smiley: :smiley:

Thank you for getting this working, the lack of gapless playback through Spotify Connect had been annoying me for ages. Quite a few commercial products still don’t support gapless. I’d been using an old Qualcomm Allplay based product that did gapless, but support for that is dead.

Sorry, I didn’t update this post, but gapless landed in volsptoconnect2 v1.0 (vollibrespot v0.2.0)…

Unfortunately, the official embedded SDK from spotify (libspotify ) won’t do do gapless, among other things. A lot of old Spotify speakers can’t play context (Playlist radios and dailymixes) for example because of this.

Spotify have in the meantime officially dropped support for libspotify in the meantime, and hopefully don’t break it anytime soon!