Future of Volumio : communication

As you probably saw, several user on the forum are asking for the future of Volumio ( question such as “is volumio a dead project?” )…
So what can be said to explain that Volumio is under heavy developpement ?
About Volumio 1.6 - is there a date ? new feature ?
For Volumio 2 what is the target, I mean when ?
The idea is to communicate correctly to help some user to wait :wink:

Blog post about Volumio 2 coming in a few minutes! :slight_smile:

It seems that we communicated it just when people were running out of patience! lol

For most people Volumio 1.55 was working well already and it works like an appliance: set once, forgotten. Only few of them are complaining, don’t worry too much.

What do you think on doing a small bugfix updated release (1.6) ?
If yes, which are the bugs we should address with this?

Yes it could be a good idea !
Some bug / enhancement (not sure that all of that is possible)

  • new mpd version
  • replacing in /etc/network/interfaces " “auto eth0” by “allow-hotplug” to speed the boot (in fact modifying net-config.php)
  • updating "jquery.countdown.js " to improve page refresh on safari
  • driver for some popular wifi dongle (rtl8188eu , RTL8188CUS …)
  • intergrate Sog-sussex work ( theme and translation ?)
  • software volume working with spop ? (using dmix ? or don’t know what…)
    And surely plenty other things…