from the Netherlands

Hello everybody,

let me introduce myself on this forum. My name is Erwin living in the Netherlands and 34 years old.
Recently i bought myself een raspberry/hifiberry set-up to use with volumio.

At this moment i run into some problems, and i hope i can get them solved with the help of U guys!

For what i have seen now Volumio looks great, easy and simple to use.

I have the following set-up:

-Raspberry pi
-hifiberry digital
-Apple ipad power supply (5v/2.1A)
-8 gb SD card
-connected to ethernet.
-connected to my NAS

the first two things i run into is:

  • volumio hangs during frequently after chosing a other album or song
  • i have to flash volumio to get it to run frequently, in other words when i shutdown volumio it won’t start up again and i have to flash the SD to get it working again.

Try to stop the music playing before shutdown

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…and please check >HOW< you are flashing.
Might it be you are mixing up mac and linux commands ?