From Ethernet to WLAN switching not working

Volumio Information

Volumio Version:2.853
Hardware: RPI3 Allo Digione
DAC: external

Both network types are up and connected (wired and Wifi), but when I remove the Ethernet cable it will be lost. I expected it would use WiFi as second priority. But it doesn’t.
I can access it with the browser using the IP but when added manually in iOs App it does not find it.
Don’t get how this is should work or how it was planned to do so? Anyone?
Please help

I actually don’t think that would be a Volumio problem, it sounds more like the Raspi or something with your router. Maybe try making both Ethernet and WiFi Static, it wont hurt anything to try.

Thanks bro
A simple router restart did it. I don’t ask why and how but it worked again,
doctors hate this simple trick
Saved my day.
This issue can be closed

It always seems to be a simple fix LOL Glad you figured it out.

Now enjoy the music my friend :slight_smile: