FLAC library not completely scanned

I have volumio player installed on a RPI4 connected to a Synology NAS with two libraries:

  • FLAC
  • MP3

The MP3 library gets scanned without issues but the FLAC library stops at 20%. I don’t know the cause of this.

If anyone has had any problem like this please advise or if I have to post a setting or upload a log I’ll do it


I have just the same experience on x86 platform … not fixed yet.

Added some new folders to library and got the same problem - found out that cause was damaged FLAC file (incomplete download). After removing it scan completed normally. I had similar issues with Windows payers that manage libraries. It would be great if Volumio was able to skip damaged files, but this problem is not so significant - we can work around it adding to library in portions to find problematic file.

This issue is solved in version 2.698

In version 2.714 the problem still exists.
Did you test it? Or did you read about it?

Read this wire:

r.tapatalk.com/shareLink/topic? … source=app