Flac files

Hi, in another post @michelangelo commented that to test computers uses flac files.
How do you get those files? The ones I have are all from the pirate bay, is there another way or another site from which to download them?

By Ripping CDs :wink:

We don’t talk about piracy here…

You can use Exact Audio Copy to rip your cd’s… in Windows. Some friends in Linux s. o. use Cdparanoia…

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Or you can purchase songs from online shops, e.g. Qobuz, HD tracks etc.

You can also download some DSD (the new hype) samples for testing purposes I guess: oppodigital.com/hra/dsd-by-davidelias.aspx

Not sure if I’m violating forum rules now though. If so, mi scusi! :blush:

My intention was to know legal ways to become flac files.

The best place is HDTracks:

Quality files and most of them are hi-res from master.

Another way, if you have lots of CDs is to rip them with EAC (exact audio copy) here’s a tutorial:
digitalvertigo.co.uk/forum/i … opic=30615

This thread might be really interesting, where do volumio community members take their flacs? Let us know !

My suggestions are 100% legal :slight_smile: I just was in doubt if I were violating rules regarding advertising, which is not my intention :wink:

Well … reading a bit I find many opinions according to which Spotify Premium has a quality very similar to a CD. I find it difficult to have an opinion of my own, perhaps my ear is not so trained.
What do you think? Is there a noticeable difference that I am not able to appreciate? Is it worth to flac the entire CD collection?


It is worth to Flac your entire CD collection. Whatever the future brings, it is less likely that you will be disc jockying to be able to listen to your own mucis and/or even that you have a device around that is capable of spinning your cd’s.

So digitizing your collection makes sense and using a lossless format like Flac gives you the best starting point.

I would create Flac’s in the same resolution as your base material. So 44.1/16 for your CD or 96/24 if you have any SACD’s. This way with no conversion, your Flac files will be a 1:1 quality copy of your discs.

Don’t choose any lossy compression formats like MP3 as the quality will be less than the original.

And when buying new source material, buy your digital material directly from a good source with the highest lossless format that you can get/play.

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