Factory Reset mit USB Stick


Ich brauche einen link für ein Factory reset über USB

bei meinem Volumio Primo. Das Gerät ist nicht im Netzwerk zu finden

und erzeugt auch kein eigenes wlan Netz.

Der im Manual angegebene link


führt ins leere.

vielen Dank


just create a fat32 formatted stick and put an empty file called “factory_reset” on it.

Thanks for your answer , but it doesn’t work,


there is another way to get the Primo running again?
the lights flash on the LAN port
unfortunately nothing else can be seen or heard

Please contact primo support

After several days without power, I tried again today with another USB stick (32 GB) … The first one had 128 GB, proceed as described above. Yes, the Primo has started up again. That solves the problem. I hope the LMS and Squeezeplayer plug-in will be available soon and everything will be as it was before.
best regards