Exclude Iso9660 files from MPD scan


With the newer version (2.118) I am still unable to scan my music network drive. One of the issue seems to be related to my SCAD iso files.

After reading a bit I found there is a possibility to exclude a specific file from MPD search, would it be possible to exclude all flies with .iso ??

Many Thanks,


Could you point me to where you found such info?

Hi Michelangelo,

I am still trying to find the origin of my NAS scanning issue (which I am almost done I think). In this process of scanning numerous times to add every artist that works without restarting the Mpd deamon I loose lot of time with the .iso file scan errors as follow :

from Journalctl -f :

Mar 13 20:34:29 volumio mpd[2189]: iso9660: Failed to open ISO9660 file /var/lib/mpd/music/NAS/H-P/Herbie Hancock/SACDISO Head Hunters/HERBIE HANCOCK - HEAD HUNTERS.iso

I know this is not the real issue as it comes from something else I haven’t identified yet which is related to this message from journalctl -f:

Mar 13 20:31:14 volumio kernel: Unhandled fault: alignment fault (0x92000021) at 0x00000000eeb0939f
Mar 13 20:31:14 volumio systemd[1]: mpd.service: main process exited, code=killed, status=7/BUS
Mar 13 20:31:14 volumio systemd[1]: Unit mpd.service entered failed state.
Mar 13 20:31:14 volumio systemd[1]: mpd.service holdoff time over, scheduling restart.

… mpd restart erasing the database from the actual running database scan but not the entire collection if previous scans other drives have been successfull.