Equalisers help

Have they gone from plug-in lists??

If so how can I implement a eq into my system?

you still can install it by hand … they are reworking them …

have a look here :wink:

Thank you both very much, I am not very comfortable with coding 50 years old. But I hope to see it in the plug-ins list soon.
I have a long thin room and whilst I’m aware it will affect bit perfect playback I need adjustment to my sound.

No coding needed :wink: Enable ssh
Connect to your device using Putty (or what you want)
And copy paste following commands

wget https://github.com/balbuze/volumio-plugins/raw/master/plugins/audio_interface/volsimpleequal/volsimpleequal.zip
mkdir ./volsimpleequal
miniunzip volsimpleequal.zip -d ./volsimpleequal
cd ./volsimpleequal
volumio plugin install
rm -Rf volsimpleequal*

when you see a line such as ‘finalizing installation’ go into Volumio and enable the plugin

How long waiting for add eq in plugins list?
When i install eq by the putty my library is lost, after disable eq library is back.