Embed commands in url

I was helping my dad turn on ssh on his Volumio and when we went to (volumio ip)/dev, it made me think. Would it be useful to be able to send commands to the Volumio through the url you use to access it? Something like:<play playlist number 4>

You could bookmark that to your desktop and have one touch playing.

The GUI is simple and easy to use, but if I could set up something like that, my mom and my wife would both be more likely to use it.

Create playlists with names. Then call the api like:

volumioIP:3000/api/v1/commands/? … aylistName

where volumioIP is the ipaddress or domain name of your volumio player and playlistName the name of the playlist you want to start.

Good luck.


That was easy!

Is that somewhere in the documentation? I skimmed through it but did not find it.


That’s cool. For what it’s worth, when I play a web radio station, it gets added to the queue under the name of the station listed in the browse section. If I make a playlist containing only a single web-radio, it works and plays, but if I play it via the url command, it is listed in the queue as “undefined.” Still works, but is listed incorrectly in the queue.

And I see it does the same thing if I play that playlist normally from the browse section.

I have no idea whether there is documentation. I think I found this somewhere on the web. Tinkered a bit with it, and voila.

I use this to perform tasks from my Domoticz installation.
In combination with the nice xiaomi cube https://xiaomi-mi.com/sockets-and-sensors/xiaomi-mi-smart-home-cube-white/ i have a hardware controller for my Volumio.
Works flawless!