Editing now playing screen

Would like a future to edit now playing screen. Make it possible to turn off de artist/album info. For the big screen I use now the now playing plugin.

Is there anything in the Now Playing plugin you can’t do? Seems like everything you described can be customised there. Or is it your mobile device screen you want to customise?

I think he/she is referring this, which can’t be turned off by plugin settings:

yes this is the now playing plugin and that you can customise. But the standard screen you can not edit (with the artist info)

this standard screen is not editable:

I want to get rit off the artist/album information in the desktop/mobile apps etc.

@mervinio ,
Any thoughts on this as this is the seeded Manifest UI. Or actually seeded Volumio coding…

Fore the time being you can also use the plugin “Now Playing”
Here you can fully optimize the layout to your needs:

  • Fontsize/colors/position
  • Albumsize/position