Does anyone have experience with TDA7498E based amps

Hi all,

I have bought a Tripath TA2021S from Indeed Hifi and being very satisfied with this little box, i have started watching the new creations of this manufacturer on his ebay store.

2 days ago i saw the following TDA7498E based amp: … 43c55d79a8

I have tried to find extra information on google but it seems that this chip is not popular for some reason. I am really impressed with its power given in specs and i would like to ask if any of you know any further details about the chip this amp is based on.

Thank you in advance.

You have 100W at a reasonable distortion, or less if you have 6-8 Ω speakers, otherwise specs are ok.
Post links where this got bad reviews.

Thanks Lag-na. I did not find links with bad reviews. By saying not popular I meant that I could not find much information just like my ta2021 for example.

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Ta2021 is ages old… Of course you can find more literature.
I also have 3-4 TA2020 chips in a box, they are 8 years old!
BTW is anyone interested?

I have been browsing various forums trying look for the perfect mono amp chipamp for my Quad-AMP setup :slight_smile: