Do I need external DAC?

Hello guys,

I want to use a Raspberry Pi with Volumio OS to output sound to a set of Adam monitors.
As DAC, I want to use an existing Yamaha YVC-200 bluetooth speaker: RaspberryPi =>USB=> YVC-200=> analog out=> Adam Speakers.
Do you think the DAC included in Yamaha YVC-200 is good enough or should I invest in an external DAC like Fiiio K3?

Would there be a big sound quality difference? I do not know the DAC qulity inide the Yamaha speaker.

Thank you in advance guys.

I think you’re going to be the best judge of whether the Yamaha DAC is good enough or not. Since you have it already, I’d use it and see how it sounds. You can always add an outboard DAC like a Fiiio, Topping E30 or other later.

The Yamaha YVC-200 is a speaker phone, with a limited frequency range 200Hz-16kHz. So it depends on your own experience, if the quality suits your needs.
But it’s difficult to compare with a DAC.
Not sure which Adam’s your using, but something like the T5V needs a separate Sub for low frequencies. (Which the Yamaha don’t provide).
So it really comes to your personal taste. If you like the sound of your current combination, go for it.