DLNA Gapless Playback

Hi, I have Volumio running on a Raspberry Pi model B with an ES9023 I2s DACand I am very impressed with the software and the sound quality. My audio files are stored on a dedicated server which runs JRiver Media Center to control the media.

However, I have one issue I would like some advice with. If I send an album from JRiver using DLNA to Volumio then I get a very small but audible gap between the tracks. However, if I play the album locally by browsing to my server in the Volumio WebGui and play the album that way then it plays perfectly with no gaps.

So, basically, what I want to know is whether Volumio should be able to play back gapless music when acting as a DLNA renderer and if so what am I doing wrong.

The albums in question are CD rips to flac format.

Thanks for any advice

It’s ok, I’ve sorted it.

The problem was in the JRiver software. I had the Volumio device associated with the wrong DLNA server. Now I have associated it to the correct one it is now playing back completely smoothly with no gaps between tracks.

I can now listen to ‘The Wall’ and not get annoyed at each track transition.