DIY streamer with volumio in standard 43cm box

Hi, thank you for the speedy reply! @isercan I will try to contact the seller and see if I can get a board without the brightness switch, as mine has one. I thought you had a problem with your screen over scanning not under. And @gvolt I was experimenting with using the rotate in the touchscreen and decided to leave the settings in the touchscreen plugin alone and just use the userconfig.txt to simplify the configurations.

Not sure why but my screen layout is a bit different than @isercan. My album art seems to be more center justified, whereas @isercan left justified

you can managment them on now playing plugin. there are alot of option for your screen. But ı tried many code but gap never change.Maybe @gvolt can find a way for fixed. I understand that this gap will be a problem for us.

I wanted to buy old version but he sent me new version it is really bad. Now have a big gap and frame problems. When pi boots volumio black screen have gap and debian letter looks ebian. Try to buy old version. The old veraion works better, you can see on 2nd photo.

I am sorry to hear that! I contacted the seller about the problem that we all seem to be having with this display and board. They asked me to send some pictures, and I also sent a link to this thread. Their reply back to me was that from the photos was, “the right side of the panel is not working or not displaying what it should”. They did not see the problem and it is is working fine! I was a little bit surprised by the response as it’s obviously not working as it should. Here is a link to a thread that got me started on this project in the first place:

Anyways I am not going to give up yet, but I have to go out of town for a few weeks so I won’t be able to work on this project for a little while. Maybe @gvolt could chime in and give us a hand! Anyway I’ll be back in a few weeks! Good luck isercan!

@Johnh1967 ı have solved this problem with old version driver. I dont have gap. If u want to old board one, a seller sells on AliExpress
That seller always check his dispaly portraid mode and on pc. I told hım pi4 and try it landscape but he didnt do it. So ı find another seller and bought old version

I have the same monitor. Bought from this seller. A controller with backlight control. I also have an image in Volumio not in full screen. I connected the monitor to a windows 10 laptop via an HDMI cable. Full-screen image of the monitor. It will not be possible to make claims to the seller for a non-working controller. The problem is Volumio.

saying that windows does it well, will say nothing if it should work on a pi
if he claims that it’s working on a pi he should show you that, if it’s fails to do so you can claim.
ask him if he could reproduce it on a pi instead of in windows.

it sounds like if he’s saying that a apple and a banana are the same.
and yes they are both fruit and you could both eat them but the look and taste are different.

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Thanks. I will try. When selling, the monitor was declared to work with Raspberry.

otherwise he should add that the screen is partly working on the pi (disclaimer)
then people will not buy that screen for the pi.

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