Display ssd1306 OLED I2C running slow problem

Hi everyone,

i configured my first volumio system on a raspberry pi 2. Everything is running great but i’m having trouble with my display, which worked fine on raspbian wheezy before.

I dont use a i2s soundcard, just the normal output of the pi.
The display is attached to the i2c pins of the pi and somehow rendering very very slow with the example code of the used library and also with my previously used code for controlling mpd under wheezy. By slow i mean it was running flawless before and now you can even see the lines of the display popping up after each other… so reeeeaaally slow

The c++ display library: github.com/hallard/ArduiPi_SSD1306
The display : adafruit.com/product/938

What is different in volumio which makes it so much slower than in rasbian wheezy? Is there some configuration of the i2c bus thats disturbing the communication?

Any ideas on that?

Thanks in advance.