Display always on

Hello, I tried to find a topic to help me, but I didn’t find anything, I use “Volumio” with a Raspberry 4b and an Allo Boss DAC, I connected the original 7 inch display of the Raspberry. Everything works fine, except that while I listen to music, the display turns off and to turn it back on I have to touch it, is there a way to keep the display always on? It is certainly nonsense, but I am not very practical and I thank those who help me.

Just go in plugin setting and disabled screen saver while playing.

Yes, for always on set the screensaver timeout to 0.

What balbuze suggested has the effect that the display stays on only while playing. When playback gets paused or stopped the screensaver gets acrivated after the timeout has expired.

Thank you very much, I solved the problem …