Digi+ S/PDIF Interface HAT and Volumio

Hiya all

New to this and looking for some help.

I have a Raspberry Pi 3 and a HiFiBerry Digi+ S/PDIF Interface HAT (Digi+ I/O).

I have set up Volumio so my musical source from my NAS are in place.

But i have no sound. The HAT isn’t a DAC so I have the I2S DAC option disabled. But the only options for output device are audio Jack or hdmi, nothing for SP/DIF.

I’ve looked under the DAC options and the Digi+ SPDIF isn’t an option to select.

Can anyone advise on what I’m doing wrong here ?


there is no option for spdif, just select the hifiberry digi or digi+ pro under playback options / output device (check for yourself which of the two works with the digi +) safe and reboot the raspberry pi, then the hifiberry digi + transport will be activated and spdif will work.

good luck.

Thanks for this, have tried both options but no sound


under playback options / mixer type and try none or hardware / software.

or check link for more possible solutions.


Thanks again. I’ve tried what are recommended on the thread you linked to but with no joy.

Need to dig out an optical cable to see if that works.

and no that doesn’t work. Frustrating !

then unfortunately I don’t know either.

maybe someone else has the solution.

Are you outputting to a receiver or a dac/amp?