despite patch web gui still unusable due to "connectin..." b

despite patch web gui still unusable due to “connectin…” bug

As well known to this forum there is a bug in the Volumio Web Gui.

For me it is unusable due to the reoccuring spinning connecting overlay.

I found some hints to hide it via JS but these tipps were already implemented in my config files V1.55.

May be cause I did a update && grade via SSH or the fixex are already shipping with V1.55.

Anyway, I still got this error and am just before switching to Rune until Volomio2 comes out. But honestly,
I like very much Volumio and I hope there is still a help and solution to this issue.

Firefox, Win1064bit …Rasp B V1


sorry for being so impatient but …

nobody else here who notices ior is plagued by this ‘connecting…’ issue?

I cannot believe that I am at the moment the only person who has issues with this. There is so much buzz about Volumio on the net…there should be more people with this problem or something is totally wrong on my side but I have no clue why…

no real help for you, but it’s the same for me

I sometimes get this, but it doesnt last. Either reconnecting or restarting my R-Pi helps. But i never used an upgraded installation.
That could be the problem but i dont know if it would help for you.

[Originally posted by me on another thread dealing with the same issue.]

I think that I have discovered a simple solution quite inadvertently. I found that the webui seemed to be on a a different IP address each time I booted and decided to fix it by changing over from using DHCP to a fixed IP address. The webui is now always on the same IP address and the added benefit is that pages are no longer masked by “CONNECTING…”

Can anybody else confirm?


since I have two Volumios running at the moment it made even more sence to what you reported.
So, I tried to make the IPs static. Well, I could do this with only one. This is the the one I have wired. This is static now.
The other one is wireless and I can not change the field from something (not selected) to static or DHCP. There seems to be a gui bug here :frowning:

Anyhow, I could not notice any improvments but may be I have to clear browser cache. Or wait something. :nerd: